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‘Gone Red Road’

G'day there! Well, it would seem that Old Man Winter is back in town for the second time in only a few days. Blecch. I don't know about you, but my day started bright (dark?) and early at 6:30 AM, and... Continue Reading →

Film Friday: ‘Island Romance’

G'day there! It's a question nearly as old as time itself: What happens when a city girl far from the bright lights of Winnipeg is wooed by a dashing young farmer-fisherman from the Island's North Shore? That's what you'll find... Continue Reading →

The Royals Are Coming

G'day there! Quick post today. Very quick post. Why, you ask? Have I been busy? No, not really. Sick? Healthy as a trout. Abducted by aliens? Ha, I wish. So what then? Basically, I got a bit lazy over the... Continue Reading →

Film Friday: ‘History of the Ice Boats’

G'day there! O.K., alright, I'm breaking the rules a bit again this week, since what you're about to watch isn't exactly vintage film (although it was shot in 2010, which I suppose by some standards could qualify as such). It's... Continue Reading →

Doe, A Deer

G'day there! Well, there's really no denying it: If it wasn't already, then the world has certainly become a more, shall we say, interesting  place over the past week. This of course is due in large part to the unexpected... Continue Reading →

Cashing In (On History)

G'day there! Well I won't lie: today really snuck up on me. What with all the electoral reform business here on the Island (talk about a historic result), and the climax of political antics south of the border (no comment),... Continue Reading →

Film Friday: ‘The Islanders’

G'day there! Welcome to November, and to - get ready for it - the return of Film Friday! Yes, we're back to our regularly scheduled programming here on PEI History Guy dot com. I don't know about you, but I... Continue Reading →

A Very PEI History Guy Halloween Spooktacular (2016 Edition)

Boo! I know I know, it's Monday and I don't post on Mondays. So what's the deal? Have I lost my mind? Well, not quite yet - but I'm getting there. No, it's Halloween of course, and as such I... Continue Reading →

The Artist

G'day there! One day some years ago now, when I was gainfully employed at the Artifactory (see A Date with History if you need the backstory), I had a bit of a startling encounter with history. Admittedly, such encounters are not... Continue Reading →

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