G’day there!

Well, it would seem that Old Man Winter is back in town for the second time in only a few days. BlecchI don’t know about you, but my day started bright (dark?) and early at 6:30 AM, and I’ve been out here at the Banbridge Inn on Capital Drive clearing out snow since just after 7 – a caretaker’s gotta do what a caretaker’s gotta do. Not that it’s been a deluge, mind you (although there’s more snow down than expected). We all know it’ll get a helluva lot worse before too long. And I mean, there are pros: fresh air, exercise, a kettle on to boil, and no end of tea…

I’m doing just fine.

So today’s post is a bit of a throwback to last Wednesday, because it happened again: I straight up lost track of time. But it actually works out in a strange sort of way, because yesterday, as I was floundering about in despair, I remembered that, a while back now, I’d drawn up a list of ideas, of things I’d like to put on here at some point. And when I found said list it contained a reference to another article by Ed Staskus over on 147stanleystreet.com. Ed was the writer behind the history of the Landmark Café in Victoria-by-the-Sea, which I shared in September (see A Landmark Café). Well, because of my errant ways, Ed is making his return today with a piece he published back in the Spring, and one that I should have put in front of you before now. But the Universe does work in mysterious ways, and so quite possibly this is one of those times.

Anyway, how would I describe what you’re about to read? I suppose ‘thought-provoking’, in a word. You’ve heard the saying “the more things change, the more they stay the same”? And “necessity is the mother of invention”? Well, imagine that pair getting together with “go with the flow” and “the road less travelled”, put them all into a four-way Venn diagram, and at the very center would be this article. Or maybe I’m way off. But do yourselves a favour and give it a read. And perhaps it’s all those references to farming, fishing, and the National Park, but I can’t help but get those good summertime vibes from it, something from which I think we could all benefit as the snow quickly begins to pile up. So without further ado – largely about nothing even remotely relevant – here’s Gone Red Road.

See you on Friday!


PEI History Guy