G’day there!

Quick post today. Very quick post. Why, you ask? Have I been busy? No, not really. Sick? Healthy as a trout. Abducted by aliens? Ha, I wish. So what then? Basically, I got a bit lazy over the weekend, Monday and Tuesday slipped out of my hands, and wouldn’t you know it, Wednesday’s here. Eek. But all is not lost, because to the timely rescue of my degenerate bacon, once again and doubtless unwittingly, is Peter Rukavina. Peter, as you’ll recall, was behind the interesting piece on time uniformity that I shared back in July (see The Best of Times? ). Well, this past Sunday he posted on his site an article commemorating the royal visit of Princess (soon-to-be-Queen) Elizabeth and Prince Philip to the Island 65 years ago in November 1951. Back before all of the 1964 royal visit film footage that I harrassed you with in the summer. Anyway, the post itself isn’t long, but in it you will find a link to a special period edition of The Guardian, which makes for good reading and should keep you entertained for awhile.

“PEI Welcomes The Royal Couple”

And that’s that for now. See you on Friday!


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