G’day there!

O.K., alright, I’m breaking the rules a bit again this week, since what you’re about to watch isn’t exactly vintage film (although it was shot in 2010, which I suppose by some standards could qualify as such). It’s the first episode in a series produced by Northumberland Ferries Ltd. entitled “Island Experiences”, and as far as I can tell, it appears to have been the only one as I’ve been hard pressed to locate others (shame); however, it is a very interesting, informative, and concise examination (about four minutes) of the Island’s ice boat service, that venerable and crucial winter link to the Mainland relied upon by Islanders for 142 years, from 1775 to 1917. And when it’s the one and only Boyde Beck walking you through the ins and outs of it, well, who can so no to that? Rhetorical question – the answer, of course, is no one.

Anyway, enjoy the show!


PEI History Guy

P.S. – I know Fridays on here aren’t about the written word; however, the history of the Island’s ice boat service is truly very interesting. If you’re in the mood for a bit of light reading, check out  The Icy Passage by Lt. Col. B.W.A. Sleigh (with an introduction by Harry Baglole) in the Fall/Winter 1976 issue of The Island Magazine, in addition to Grover C. Lewis’ Fall/Winter 2000 offering, The Strenuous Winter Passage to P..E. Island, of the same publication.