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Isaac L. Stewart, B.A. (History, 1st class) UPEI 2013. Freelance historian & writer. Based out of Stratford, Prince Edward Island.

Film Friday: Music in Tignish

G'day there! This week's video, it's a toe-tappin' good time is what it is - literally. It was filmed in Tignish in 1975, and features the Neil Matthews Trio, along with Russell Warren (fiddle) and his daughter, Linda (footwork).... Continue Reading →

A Lunatic Captured

G'day there! As it happens, I'm running a bit short on time so I'm going to keep things brief and shoot from the hip today. Because sometimes it's good to live on the edge...I think. Anyway, the article you're about... Continue Reading →

Film Friday: Summerside and St. Nicholas

G'day there! Lately, I've been saying that I want to keep things brief, only to turn around and prattle, prattle, prattle. You've all suffered for it. So today, nothing of the sort. No bells. No whistles. No muss. And certainly... Continue Reading →

A Landmark Café

G'day there! One of the worst feelings in the world - sorry, my world - is when Tuesday evening rolls around and, despite a Hell's highway of good intentions, I've not been able to come up with anything even remotely interesting for... Continue Reading →

Film Friday: The ‘Abby’

G'day there! Today I keep things brief. Honestly. I do so mostly because it's Film Friday and that's the point of Film Friday; and also because I've been plagued by a bout of insomnia for most of the week now,... Continue Reading →

Through ‘Little Hell’ and Back

G'day there! This past Monday (Labour Day), my girlfriend and I celebrated the occasion by taking our third day off of the summer. The weather was absolutely cracking, and the open road called out. Because we're both into hiking, and... Continue Reading →

Film Friday: Charlottetown, 1864 – Why Does It Matter?

G'day there! It's September 2 today. The second of September. Can someone please tell me where the bleedin' heck August went? Or July, for that matter? I feel like we should be printing 'missing' adverts on milk cartons. Christ, I was... Continue Reading →

The Polly Demonstration

G'day there! People who know me know that I am a collector. I certainly won't deny it. I've been one for about as long as I can remember. From rocks to trading cards to pencils (yes, pencils), it has led... Continue Reading →

Film Friday: Prince Edward Island in 1952 (‘This World of Ours’)

G'day there! I'm in one of those rare moods where I'm just not feeling the words and don't want to write a lot, so I'm not going to. But that actually works out well, because it is Film Friday after... Continue Reading →

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