G’day there!

One of the worst feelings in the world – sorry, my world – is when Tuesday evening rolls around and, despite a Hell’s highway of good intentions, I’ve not been able to come up with anything even remotely interesting for my Wednesday post – a sad, sad, pitiful state of affairs. Conversely, one of the best feelings is when I think I’m backed up against that wall of despair, only to have the stars align just so, putting me in a position where I happen to chance upon something very relevant that someone else has written; or better yet, when that something relevant gets sent directly to me.

On that note, enter Ed Staskus.

Formerly of Sudbury and now resident in Lakewood, Ohio, Ed has been a long-time summer visitor to the Island. He operates 147stanleystreet.wordpress.com, and is actually the editor of the province’s Professional Theatre Network’s web presence (www.peitheatre.com). And whether he realizes it or not, this week he has the esteemed honour of being my timely saviour.

Ed actually posted his most recent piece to my Facebook page on Monday morning, but because I can get a bit delinquent on such matters I only noticed it last evening – all very ironic really, considering the paltry amount of action said Facebook page actually gets. Anyway, as soon as I read it I just knew it was a sign, a sign from a higher power somewhere overhead. Piggy-back on Ed’s fine writing and original idea, and give your readers a breath of fresh air.

And you know what? That’s precisely what I did. Because I listen…well, on occasion.

What follows is the human story behind a gem of a café nestled in the historic heart of beautiful Victoria-by-the-Sea, a tale of grit, sweat, passion, and perseverance…oh, and good food of course – mustn’t forget about that. Without further ado, here’s Making a Landmark.


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