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Film Friday: ‘History of the Ice Boats’

G'day there! O.K., alright, I'm breaking the rules a bit again this week, since what you're about to watch isn't exactly vintage film (although it was shot in 2010, which I suppose by some standards could qualify as such). It's... Continue Reading →

Doe, A Deer

G'day there! Well, there's really no denying it: If it wasn't already, then the world has certainly become a more, shall we say, interesting  place over the past week. This of course is due in large part to the unexpected... Continue Reading →

First Contact

G'day there! Welcome to the second week of Mi'kmaq History Month! As you'll recall, last Wednesday we took a look at the lifestyle of Mi'kmaq people on the Island in the period before European contact. And so today, I thought... Continue Reading →

Film Friday: The ‘Abby’

G'day there! Today I keep things brief. Honestly. I do so mostly because it's Film Friday and that's the point of Film Friday; and also because I've been plagued by a bout of insomnia for most of the week now,... Continue Reading →

The Polly Demonstration

G'day there! People who know me know that I am a collector. I certainly won't deny it. I've been one for about as long as I can remember. From rocks to trading cards to pencils (yes, pencils), it has led... Continue Reading →

A Ship Comes In

N.B. - For relevant background information, please see A Date with History and Of Peddlers and Photographs (if you haven't already). G'day there! And so we come to a fork in the road. I could lie and tell you that I planned for the... Continue Reading →

Islanders and the Shattered City

G'day there! I had no intention of writing this post; however, I was inspired to do so this past Sunday (December 6). That day, as it has done for the last 98 years, Halifax, Nova Scotia, marked the anniversary of... Continue Reading →

Marblehead Marauders: The (Unauthorized) Invasion of 1775 – Part Three

G'day there! Remember last week, when I said that this week I would reveal how - thanks to a bit of a merit and a great deal of luck - I finally managed to land a contract all on my own? Well,... Continue Reading →

Point Prim Lights The Way

G'day there! As I mentioned in my last post, part of my overhaul of this site includes updates on my work as a freelance historian. So if you'll indulge me, let's hop in my imaginary time machine and head on... Continue Reading →

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