G’day there!

If you’ve stumbled across this site, you’ve probably noticed that it is currently a barren wasteland.  You see, this past Wednesday we had a classic nor’easter (snowstorm) here in PEI, and at some point during the day, I had this half-cocked idea to start a blog about anything and everything to do with the history of Prince Edward Island.  The thing is, the idea only went as far as creating the skeleton of the site, and I haven’t had the time yet to cobble together content into anything remotely coherent.  So for now, this blog is under construction.  Probably for the next fourteen weeks or so…

…just kidding – an Employment Insurance joke there.  It’ll definitely be under way long before that!

Anyway, have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to boot, and we’ll meet up again in 2014 when I’ve got my you-know-what together!