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Total Eclipse of the Sun

G'day there! The basis for what follows is something I've been curious about for awhile now; however, for this week's post I decided I ought to delve into the matter to see what, if anything, there is to it. I'm... Continue Reading →

A Damned Queer Parliament

Disclaimer: Elements of the following story may in fact actually be apocryphal. I shall relate the tale as it is commonly told, and tack on a postscript at the end addressing the matter. G'day there! I found myself a bit... Continue Reading →

Indiana Gordon: The Life and Times of Dr. George Byron Gordon

G'day there! You know, one of the things I love about Island history is that it simply never ceases to amaze. At every turn there always seems to be a new story to tell. Some of my favourites involve those... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Bog

G'day there! To cap off Black History Month, I thought this week we would veer away from focussing on the subject of slavery and turn our attention instead to an exploration of 'the Bog', where could once be found Charlottetown's... Continue Reading →

The Origins of African-Islanders

G'day there! Last I wrote, I said that all material for the month of February would be given over to discussing the Island's black heritage in honour of Black History Month. That plan hasn't changed. For this week, I thought... Continue Reading →

Lights, Camera, Action: The Cradle of Confederation (1925)

G'day there! Right, so last week got a bit out of hand. I apologize for that. I'm supposed to keep things short, but occasionally I do find myself wandering down historical rabbit holes. Anyway, I figured today I'd make it... Continue Reading →

An Englishwoman in America

G'day there! Allow me to introduce you to Lady Isabella Lucy Bird. Never heard of her? Don't worry - before this week, I hadn't either. But as luck would have it, I chanced upon a quote of hers pertaining to... Continue Reading →

What Goes Up…

WARNING: Do not try this at home. (But if you do, post me a comment and let me know how it turned out.) G'day there! In a bid to keep things fresh, here's an obscure little tale from way out... Continue Reading →

Portree Pilgrimage

G'day there! As I was poking about for blog fodder this week, I found a rough draft of this post that I'd done up in warmer days back in the summer (wherefore art thou now, fair season?). I'm not entirely... Continue Reading →

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