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A mixture of the odds and ends that don’t really have a category of their own.

Chance Encounters

G'day there! When people ask me what I do for a living, I like to tell them that I'm a freelance historian and writer. Because in a perfect world, that would be my ideal bread and butter (irony: I don't... Continue Reading →

On the Road Again

G'day there! Right, so two things to note off the bat: 1) It's Friday, and I'm putting up a post - I suppose there's nothing exceptionally out of the ordinary with that; 2) I scribbled this post in my notebook... Continue Reading →

A Very PEI History Guy Christmas (2015 Edition)

G'day there! And Merry Christmas! Or, to be as politically correct as possible, "Happy non-denominational-all-inclusive-festive-occasion-of-your-choice"! (Can't recall exactly, but I know I stole that from somewhere). I'm not entirely certain there's much point to making a post today of all... Continue Reading →

For Whom the Wrecking Ball Swings

G'day there! This past Tuesday (December 15), Islanders were treated to something of a storm day as the threat of impending inclement weather shut down large swaths of the province. Of course, when you're self-employed as I am, such days... Continue Reading →

Islanders and the Shattered City

G'day there! I had no intention of writing this post; however, I was inspired to do so this past Sunday (December 6). That day, as it has done for the last 98 years, Halifax, Nova Scotia, marked the anniversary of... Continue Reading →

A Hard Knock Life

G'day there! I wasn't kidding last week when I said that another work update loomed on the horizon; however, before I begin, I would just like to point out that this is the last such post you'll have to suffer... Continue Reading →

‘A Long, Useful, and Prosperous Career’: Commemorating Summerside’s ‘Home-Town’ Paper

G'day there! Yep, you guessed it - another work update! On the heels of my work with the University of Calgary and the Canadian Elections Database, I landed a contract of an entirely different sort thanks, once again, to Dr.... Continue Reading →

Life in the Fast “Lane”: The F.K. Lane Story

G'day there! Just to switch things up (you have to keep'em guessing), I thought I'd wander off my currently beaten path of work updates and get back to a bit of history with this post. Figured y'all would be roight... Continue Reading →

No History Like Island History

G'day there! I'll level with you: I don't quite know where to begin. So I guess I'll kick things off with an apology. It's been nearly sixteen months since I last posted on this site, and to that I say mea... Continue Reading →

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