So because I cut out Film Friday two weeks in a row, and because my annual Christmas post is scheduled for this Friday and thus would have stretched it to three, I thought I would pull the old switcheroo today. I also just wanted to see if you’re paying attention – but of course you are.

G’day there!

Are you ready…to rumble? Yes? No? Maybe so? Well, Charlottetown certainly was about 25 years ago, when the World Wrestling Federation rolled into town and a whopping 4400 people paid a precious penny to cram the newly built Civic Center (now the Eastlink Center) to its rafters to watch a bunch of (mostly) uberathletic, tight-wearing thespians tap into our animalistic bloodlust by pretending to viciously beat each other up. I don’t mean to be cynical, but as you can tell, I was never what you’d call a devout follower of the sport (although I will admit that the physical acting is impressive); also, 4400 people attending any event on the Island ranks as a veritable barbarian horde by provincial standards.

It’s true. Sad, mind you, but true.

Anyway, the year was 1992, and the World Wrestling Federation (now World Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE) had reached the tail-end of what is considered to have been its golden age, an era that had begun in the early 1980s when Vince McMahon, grandson of Federation co-founder Jess McMahon, assumed control of the company from his father and brought the show to new heights in sports entertainment (thanks for making me look half intelligent on that one, Wikipedia). To be honest, I had absolutely no idea whatsoever that it came to the Island (and on more than one occasion, at that) until I stumbled across this video, a CBC: Compass  story from back in the day courtesy of reporter Scott Scantlebury. At the moment, he’s the only person I recognize; however, I feel like this is one of those things where, the more you watch it, the more likely you are to see someone you know. And if you do, drop me a comment below.

As always, enjoy the show. It is  fake, by the way – but you knew that already.


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