G’day there!

Aaaaand we’re back. Again. Despite obsessively checking every nook and cranny of my email throughout the past week, no one appears to have taken me up on my gold-star, name-in-lights bait. A shame, but hey – there’s always next time! I did, however, receive an unexpected deathbed message from childless widow Mrs. Borte Ogotai of Burkina Faso, graciously offering to share with me her estate of $4.5 million – in exchange for my passport, credit card, and birth certificate – so things are definitely on the financial up and up!

Identity theft aside, it is Film Friday and for lack of submitted content, I’ll jump into the cockpit and fly this thing…well actually, British Pathé will. Here’s more of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip’s royal visit to the Island in October 1964. No colour with this one, but in its place there is a bit of audio. So you’d best be all ears…

Sorry, that’s my pre-caffeinated brain spinning its wheels. Enjoy the show!


PEI History Guy

P.S. – WordPress tells me that this is my 50th post. Methinks this calls for the good whisky!