G’day there!

Greetings from the banks of the River Clyde!  Yesterday, my girlfriend and I began to make the trip south from Skye to Glasgow, and arrived this morning to meet my parents at the airport. They’ve made their way across The Pond and will be in Scotland for the next ten days. We spent the better part of today walking the streets of the city, and will be making the journey back to Skye with them tomorrow. All of that, coupled with another crazy busy week at work, means that Friday has once again snuck up on me. Now left with a small window in which to get something up on here, I’ve opted for another film post.

So that means no words…other than the ones you just read. Oh, and a few more to follow.

I’m writing this post on the fly, which I find rather fitting since the film you’re about to watch features Elton Woodside, the famous Flying Farmer. Shot in 1952 (the video, not Woodside), it profiles a farmer who in 1946 obtained his pilot’s license and took to the skies above Prince Edward Island (and beyond). Over the years, Woodside would find himself doing a little bit of everything – delivering The Guardian to western regions of the province, mail runs to and from the mainland, and even rushing expectant mothers to hospital.

But no barrel rolls (not that I know of, anyway).

O.K., time to forage for food somewhere. See you next week!


PEI History Guy