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‘The Daring Lady Flyer’

G'day there! Remember on Wednesday, when I said that this week's Women's History Month post would have us taking to the skies? Well, I wasn't kidding. I chose to profile the following trailblazer for two reasons: a) because her story fits... Continue Reading →

Lights, Camera, Action: The Flying Farmer

G'day there! Greetings from the banks of the River Clyde!  Yesterday, my girlfriend and I began to make the trip south from Skye to Glasgow, and arrived this morning to meet my parents at the airport. They've made their way... Continue Reading →

What Goes Up…

WARNING: Do not try this at home. (But if you do, post me a comment and let me know how it turned out.) G'day there! In a bid to keep things fresh, here's an obscure little tale from way out... Continue Reading →

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