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Back to the Fold

G'day there! See? Told you I'd come back. I imagine you were worried somethin' awful, too. But it is May 1st and, true to my word, here I am. Four months older, and four months wiser. Four months richer? ... Yeah,... Continue Reading →

On the Road Again

G'day there! Right, so two things to note off the bat: 1) It's Friday, and I'm putting up a post - I suppose there's nothing exceptionally out of the ordinary with that; 2) I scribbled this post in my notebook... Continue Reading →

An Englishwoman in America

G'day there! Allow me to introduce you to Lady Isabella Lucy Bird. Never heard of her? Don't worry - before this week, I hadn't either. But as luck would have it, I chanced upon a quote of hers pertaining to... Continue Reading →

Portree Pilgrimage

G'day there! As I was poking about for blog fodder this week, I found a rough draft of this post that I'd done up in warmer days back in the summer (wherefore art thou now, fair season?). I'm not entirely... Continue Reading →

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