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Film Friday: Blue Whale – Norway (PEI), 1987

G'day there! You know, it feels like it was just yesterday that we rolled into September, a fact about which I was none too pleased. And now here we stand at the precipice of October. Outrageous. But to be honest, I've... Continue Reading →

The Best of Times?

G'day there! Hey hey, it's...Tuesday? Well, this is different. It seems like I was just on here posting something (I was, on Friday), and now I'm back at it. So this is what it's like to post more than once... Continue Reading →

The Albany Twister

G'day there! You know, I've written about a lot of things to date. A lot of things. Some topics have been your typical fodder, while others can only be described as unconventional. But the other day I realized something: I've... Continue Reading →

Total Eclipse of the Sun

G'day there! The basis for what follows is something I've been curious about for awhile now; however, for this week's post I decided I ought to delve into the matter to see what, if anything, there is to it. I'm... Continue Reading →

What Goes Up…

WARNING: Do not try this at home. (But if you do, post me a comment and let me know how it turned out.) G'day there! In a bid to keep things fresh, here's an obscure little tale from way out... Continue Reading →

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