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Film Friday: ‘The Islanders’

G'day there! Welcome to November, and to - get ready for it - the return of Film Friday! Yes, we're back to our regularly scheduled programming here on PEI History Guy dot com. I don't know about you, but I... Continue Reading →

First Contact

G'day there! Welcome to the second week of Mi'kmaq History Month! As you'll recall, last Wednesday we took a look at the lifestyle of Mi'kmaq people on the Island in the period before European contact. And so today, I thought... Continue Reading →

Posing for Posterity

G'day there! Want to know something fun about me? You do?! Terrific - I had a feeling you would. So here it is: I love, love, LOVE (yes, all caps) receiving parcels in the mail. Absolutely, unabashedly, unequivocally love it.... Continue Reading →

Film Friday: Charlottetown, 1864 – Why Does It Matter?

G'day there! It's September 2 today. The second of September. Can someone please tell me where the bleedin' heck August went? Or July, for that matter? I feel like we should be printing 'missing' adverts on milk cartons. Christ, I was... Continue Reading →

The Best of Times?

G'day there! Hey hey, it's...Tuesday? Well, this is different. It seems like I was just on here posting something (I was, on Friday), and now I'm back at it. So this is what it's like to post more than once... Continue Reading →

Fare Thee Well Flounders Hall

Disclaimer: What follows is an opinion piece. You are free to agree, or disagree, with what I have to say. All I ask is that you at least consider what you read. G'day there! Whew, what a week! Things have... Continue Reading →

A Damned Queer Parliament

Disclaimer: Elements of the following story may in fact actually be apocryphal. I shall relate the tale as it is commonly told, and tack on a postscript at the end addressing the matter. G'day there! I found myself a bit... Continue Reading →

Marblehead Marauders: The (Unauthorized) Invasion of 1775 – Part Three

G'day there! Remember last week, when I said that this week I would reveal how - thanks to a bit of a merit and a great deal of luck - I finally managed to land a contract all on my own? Well,... Continue Reading →

Life in the Fast “Lane”: The F.K. Lane Story

G'day there! Just to switch things up (you have to keep'em guessing), I thought I'd wander off my currently beaten path of work updates and get back to a bit of history with this post. Figured y'all would be roight... Continue Reading →

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