G’day there!

Check it out, I can read your mind: For the love of God, not another damn film of the Queen from 1964.

How’d I do?

If it’s any consolation, this is the last such video. I swear. Cross my heart, hope to…well, you know the rest. Of them all, this one is the best, and appears to be the official production, the culmination of the others shown previously. Some scenes you’ll recognize. Others will be new. But you’re getting it all this week: The pomp. The circumstance. The glitz. The glamour. And the cherry to top all cherries? Full colour and commentary…oh, and a few seconds of bagpipes somewhere in the middle, for which I apologize; however, be sure to take note of the young lad at 1:17ish – he knows what he’s doing!

Enjoy the show!


PEI History Guy