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Mi’kmaq History Month

Eye of the Beholder

G'day there! Well, here were are at the climax of Mi'kmaq History Month. If I'm being honest, I really didn't know what to write for this. Initially, I felt I needed some grand, sweeping way to cap it all off.... Continue Reading →

Rebels With A Cause

G'day there! Well, here we stand at week three of Mi'kmaq History Month - how time flies! Last we met, I took us on a rather lengthy jaunt through the Island's history of Mi'kmaq contact with Europeans (see First Contact).... Continue Reading →

First Contact

G'day there! Welcome to the second week of Mi'kmaq History Month! As you'll recall, last Wednesday we took a look at the lifestyle of Mi'kmaq people on the Island in the period before European contact. And so today, I thought... Continue Reading →

Pre-Contact Revelations

G'day there! Welcome to October! Before we begin, a couple of very important housekeeping matters to address: If you didn't already know, October in this part of Canada marks Mi'kmaq History Month. The origins of it date back to 1993,... Continue Reading →

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