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Expat Tales

Hell Hath No Fury

I know, I know, I'm a day late with this. Blame it on the recent weather (that's what I'm doing). And because it's Thursday, that means Film Friday will be getting the axe again this week. Apologies. G'day there! Right,... Continue Reading →

Bricks to Bullets

G'day there! I found this story a while ago now, and I'm pretty sure you know the how of it: I was researching something else when it happened to cross my path (give yourself a big 'ol pat on the... Continue Reading →

‘Til Death Do Us Part

G'day there! Boy oh boy, do I ever have a good yarn for you this week. As is my custom, I was in the midst of trawling through issues of The Guardian, on the hunt for information regarding my intended subject. Instead,... Continue Reading →

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