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The Artist

G'day there! One day some years ago now, when I was gainfully employed at the Artifactory (see A Date with History if you need the backstory), I had a bit of a startling encounter with history. Admittedly, such encounters are not... Continue Reading →

From The Island with Love

G'day there! Well, the past few days have come and gone in a flash! As I wrote last time, my parents have popped in to Skye for a little over a week, and with a car once again at our... Continue Reading →

Oil on Canvas: The Artistic Adventures of George G. Thresher

G'day there! I found myself a bit short on time again this week, so there'll be no attempted reinvention of the wheel; instead, here's another light offering. I don't imagine you're complaining. If I asked you to name a famous... Continue Reading →

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