Isaac L. Stewart

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Pre-Contact Revelations

G'day there! Welcome to October! Before we begin, a couple of very important housekeeping matters to address: If you didn't already know, October in this part of Canada marks Mi'kmaq History Month. The origins of it date back to 1993,... Continue Reading →

A Ship Comes In

N.B. - For relevant background information, please see A Date with History and Of Peddlers and Photographs (if you haven't already). G'day there! And so we come to a fork in the road. I could lie and tell you that I planned for the... Continue Reading →

Indiana Gordon: The Life and Times of Dr. George Byron Gordon

G'day there! You know, one of the things I love about Island history is that it simply never ceases to amaze. At every turn there always seems to be a new story to tell. Some of my favourites involve those... Continue Reading →

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